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Russell Houde- "I was pleasantly pleased with the professional of John and his crew and the efficient manner for which they completed the job."


Aleethia Roberts- "I was unsure of first going with a company to handle this matter, but after consulting with CleanSlateEstate I was put at ease of the whole process."


Helena Kozlowski- "I was pleasantly surprised how well John handled this matter and being very patient with me and meeting me 3 times to work out all the details to finish job to completion!."


Bob Geruso- "CleanSlateEstate is by far a exceptional company where from the owner to the employees are very courteous and professional."


Tillie Freelander- "John was able to accommodate the time frame restraint I was dealing with and was very happy how quickly it was completed to help me in my situation."


Mary Mollica- "I would totally recommend CleasSlateEstate to handle their cleanout- "Very Happy!!."


Paul Trask- "John was very fair to us in this whole delicate process of moving."


Chuck Major- "I was very skeptical at first with anyone doing this, but after seeing the whole thing thru- "I would highly recommend them to anyone."


Peter Hollanda- "We were faced with major time restraints and john was able to handle the deadline we were dealing with perfectly."


Jerry Richard- "I was concerned at first if CleanSlateEstate was going to be able to handle such a large job- but there was absolutely no problems what's so ever."


Glen Allen- "I feel john is one of few individuals that I have met that impressed me with his professionalism and concern thru this whole ordeal I was faced with."


Monique- "I was unsure to go with CleanSlateEstate at first for I was concerned with my dire time frame I was dealing with, but john was true to his word!"


David Farrell- "All I can say is wow, these guys are fast, courteous, careful and I would highly recommend them to anyone!"


Bill Smith- "I was very happy from start to finish."


Suzanne Gazaille- "Thank you so much john- your company is the best."


Carolyn Meadows- "I was very pleased how quickly john got back to me and handle this job for me efficiently."


Laura Mann- "I only had a handful of pcs. and after john had called me and came over same day and gave me a fair price to remove, very happy!"


Bob G.- "I was quite pleased at how professional John and his crew was in handling our downsizing. They were fast, efficient and very careful of not hitting anything in the house for we are still living there for the time being- highly recommend!"


Lisa G.- "I reached out to John and he met me and my sister to remove a bunch of heavy appliances from our fathers home so we could put it on the market we were very happy at how fast and professional him and his guys were."


Carolyn C.- "John sat with me and my daughter for quite sometime and explained in detail what he would be doing. he knew i was very stressed out (emotionally) and just wanted this done. I have to admit he is in tune not just professionally but on a more personal level as well. His guys were all very pleasant and did some extra things for me which i was greatly appreciated for. I would most highly recommend Clean Slate Estate to do any job of Moving, Downsizing or Selling of Items."


Marc C.- "John did me a huge favor of cleaning out a apartment for me and my wife and on such short notice so we could rent it quickly, i highly would recommend his company!"


Heather H.- "John met with me and my son and i explained to him the unfortunate news of passing of my other son and we needed his place cleaned out, and because we were only in town for a  short time we needed it done the next day, he was able to accommodate our needs. The most intriguing thing that John went above and beyond was besides his expertise and professionalism of him and his staff was that while he was cleaning the basement out- he came across a box that we all thought was trash- and in that box was photos and memorabilia of me and my recently deceased son and he came up stairs and gave them to me, i mean what can i say ... "Thank you John."


Joe B.- "I met with John at my uncles place and i have to say i was sold as soon as i saw him and his outward appearance about him, he handled everything for me and for my uncle who is in a nursing home. I actually paid John before he even did the job and he still did the job 3 days later to the T."


Janet G.- "I was very pleased with John and his company how pleasant they all were and very fast from start to finish."


Brian D- "I had called Clean Slate Estate and spoke with John and told him of my dilemma i was in and how i was pressed for time, he was able to handle everything for me and his Large Crew was extremely fast and efficient!- Thanks Again John."


Phillip V.- "John and his crew are just a great group of pleasant guys- that i have to say from start to finish are fast- i was getting dizzy just watching them move around so quickly and a job well done!"


Lois K.- "My cleanout was short and sweet and Clean Slate Estate was in and out very quickly and i was greatly pleased!"


Philip H.- "This was our second home in Newport (vacation home) and i have to say when i met john and he went over everything from start to finish and then when he got there it was exactly as he said it would be, A+ Company for sure, would hire him to work for me in a Texas minute, LOL."


Berkshire Hathaway- John was able to handle a cleanout job (small) but was in a desperate pinch with homeowner and closing and was extremely grateful."


Carol L.- "John company is such a Straight A company, i was amazed at how fast and professional he and his men were."


Carol F.- "Clean Slate Estate was able to remove a bedroom set and a few other items for me for a small fee, and help me out."


Carol D.- "I met with John to cleanout my Aunts place for her- she was a very picky individual and very clean- john and his men were so fast and didn't hit anything which i was amazed myself to watch this all. I recommended him to another friend as well and would recommend him to anyone Residential or Commercial."

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