We here at Clean Slate Estate Inc. have been buying & selling for 30 plus years now and what makes us different from anyone else? The most important thing today is we are Fully Insured/ Bonded what does that mean?

  1. If anyone was to trip and fall while in the house and let’s say tore their ACL- you the homeowner is liable! - they can sue you.
  2. If you decided to have a YARD SALE- as soon as anyone steps foot on your property- you are liable! - they can sue you.
  3. Having friends help? - same thing here if God forbid, they got hurt and was out of work for 4-6 weeks without pay? - well who is going to pay their medical bills and loss of pay? - YOU!
  4. Estate Sale Co? - well here is a fine line of the company is insured/ maybe bonded? And do they cover a SEPARATE umbrella insurance for the people that come in off the streets now to your home to buy things? - Who can be liable? - YOU!
  5. Auction Co’s?- Well this is no guarantee either- because it takes at least 2 people to BID on something, so if there is only 1?- plus BUYER'S and SELLERS FEES- well you are the one that lost out- and the Auction Co. made out (Remember at Auction’s the people that go there want prices cheaper allot cheaper than what you can actually sell them for- so you lose out even more on bottom line dollar!). Now if you have valuable HIGH-END items that are extremely valuable? - We Deal with Auction Co’s. that gets your Valuables in the Market to Buyers who are not afraid to spend $$- which end result- you the Client make out- Remember it’s your Valuables!
  6. If you want and you have Small or Large Collections of Artwork, Coins, Collectibles, Comics, Gold, Guns, Jewelry, Silver, Toys, and Vehicles- we will sit down with you and if you have a list of all your items and current market value- we will make a “Fair Offer”- so we can make a profit as well.
  7. My Co. and Staff have had nothing, but great Reviews and you can Watch our Videos on our You Tube channel.
  8. What separates us from everyone else- I tell it like it is the whole process with doing this is Speed and Efficiently while being caring to the Clients Emotions doing the whole Cleanout. I know first hand having to do my Parents Home- toughest thing one can imagine.
  9. If I must put 6 guys on a pc. Of furniture to make sure no one drops it and or damage something in the home? - if not Insured? - who fixes damage? - YOU!! If the house is sold in some instants the buyer can Nickel and Dime you over the damage which in return can hold up the sale of the house.
  10. And last of all being in business for 35 Years I know everyone- pretty much. So, whether you need an Attorney, Probate Attorney, Real Estate Agents, Inspectors, Cleaning Co., Plumbers, Electricians, Landscaper etc.

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